I will miss you, my brother

I will miss you, my brother
When I am in full flow and talking nonstop
I will remember your studied silence and amused smile
When I raise my voice in rage and shout myself hoarse
I will remember your gentle quiet voice that makes your point
I will miss you, my brother

Four years your senior; me, first born child, you, first male child
Customary practice says you are head of family
Not on your life, I scream, I am Miss Ohene
You simply do what needs to be done and keep your amused smile
The amused smile that probably said "Call yourself the head by all means,
But for 19 years when the going was rough, you were away, I was here"
I will miss you my brother

Your never-ending faith that we can turn Ho West and Volta to the NPP.
The incredibly hard work you continued to put in without any dividends.
In this political season, I will remember all the hard to reach settlements you always led us to.
Always in your own car, always spending your own money.
This year we have a car for the campaign, too late to help you. But maybe one day the votes will justify your efforts.
I will miss you my brother

The disaster at Dededo where Sammy was almost killed by a crowd at a polling station,
When I got there, you had rescued him, some of his blood was on your clothes.
I will miss you, my brother

When someone says lawyers fleece their clients,
When someone says people go into politics to make money,
I will turn my head away and smile and say you never met my brother.
I don’t really want to claim to be head of family when you are not around to get things done quietly and without a fuss.
I will miss you, my brother.

By Elizabeth Ohene

In memoriam: Emmanuel Kwasi Sesi Ohene (1949-2020)

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