The Book of Toli

Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah

toli: n.1.A juicy piece of news. 2. The latest word or gossip. 3. The talk of the town, typically a salacious or risque tale of intrigue, corruption or foolishness. (Ga language, Ghana, West Africa)

I give you a guided tour to the first year and a half of toli. This is the material I would draw on if I had the time to fashion a novel out of my earlier musings on the blog (everything written before the appropriately titled Mind the Gap was fair game). I've tried to discern themes that were lurking in these writings to give an organizing principle to what were often cacophonous outpourings. As befits things written for an audience of one, these notes stand alone and can be read in any order. To date I've resisted the call for better organization of the blog and have been happy to let folks encounter the toli in their own way. This then is a gesture in the direction of friendliness of navigation (all those links on the right hand side were getting irritating).

The technology writings mostly constitute a separate collection, and I've been told to excise the music and literary pieces if I am actually serious about developing a good book proposal. On this last, I can't imagine my brand of toli without some consideration of art hence they remain firmly part of my elevator pitch. The current Things Fall Apart series essentially revisits these ideas with more formal constraints, something that I paradoxically am finding very liberating.

Looking at the list, it appears I've written quite a bit, and on many varied topics. In any case, I hope this proves useful to newcomers or that it serves to reintroduce old friends to the nascent toli that issued as I found my voice. Welcome again. July, 6, 2006. Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I. The Journalistic Impulse

Strange Bedfellows

"I'm in the grip of the journalistic impulse."

This Be Ghana

Small Things

"You welcome the U.S. to the fun of the Third World."

This Be Ghana. This Be Koranteng

II. London's Got Soul

"Celebrating the South London Brew."

Catford cat

III. The Art of Toli

Musical Obsession

"If you live with a music lover you'll know that
there's something not quite right with them."

highlife musicians

Highlife Musicians

An Omnivorous Reader

"Quintessential abstractions flung across the table."


Frankies in Osu

IV. The New Formula

The B-Movie Theory

"Manifest Destiny revisited as farce."


Cultural Sensitivity

"It is rather in small, insignificant items that
the tribal instinct is articulated."

Mangoes in the garden

Oxford St, Osu RE