Another Zoom Funeral

Another zoom funeral
Grief unbounded
In unfamiliar settings
Burdened further by social distancing
Families in the diaspora
Dealt with all too familiar loss
Exiled souls and flowing tears
A beautiful soul dearly lost
Flesh buried in mid-Atlantic cyberspace

Rituals provide solace
In darkness we seek relief
Dirty pretty things working in care homes
We need a merciful release
Ananse gathered all of us burdened folk
To deliver us from this unrelenting grief
We shared stories of our brethren and sisterhood
Our interplay and culture meant we had riches untold
Tradition as always our comfort suite

The sounds of uncontrolled sobs
An ingredient oft missing
In Western settings
Had to be injected
African customs persisting
The cryer's mournful sounds
Provide a deserved sanctuary
Final respects paid
Amidst the mask wearing
All protocols observed
As we leave the virtual mortuary
Our duty of care intact
We celebrate our mother's legacy
Even as we click to close the browser tab

For Auntie Ama

Spontaneously written June 5 2020 10 am.
See also: a later revision