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Case Study: SDO (cont)

  • The answer: we're working on it at IBM.
  • Right?

  • Some SOD (Skeptical Original Debunker) replied:
    The Spec Has Been Renamed
    Rumor: The actual progress of this JSR has been appropriately renamed to "Stale Data Object".
    I just wonder how do I transfer my "business tier" objects / meta-objects to this SDO and then from SDO to my presentation objects? Maybe it is time to create another JSR named "Duplicating Data Object (DDO) specification". So you can transfer from
    How can we do EJB->DDO? You guess! ;-)

  • Not picking on SDO but this is the perception about our many of our offerings (unnecessary layers, overly complex etc).
  • Complexity -> Consultants
  • No one really wants consultants.